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Effective email marketing program using a mailing list of architects. No matter how popular social marketing is, direct marketing is still one of the surest methods of reaching out to a large audience and fast. Social media marketing takes a bit of time to gather steam. It is not something that can be done overnight. It is impossible to get 10,000 likes in an hour but with the effective use of a mailing list of architects a business dealing in products or services related to this industry can hope to reach out to a big audience in a relatively short time.


Having said that however one has to ensure that the list has the right bit of information to make an impact. Does the list contain names and contacts of architects in the right geographic zone for you to service? Has the list been properly scrubbed and has it been mailed frequently before? These factors can affect the outcome of your mailing activity as much as the following factor would do.


Good content is the next most important thing to consider. Not every business emailing plan can be assured of success just by selecting the mailing list of architects. How the marketing message is conceived and designed and then put into words and graphics finally decides the success of failure of the program. No matter how well times the message is, but if the presentation is not good, nothing worthwhile can be expected to come out of it. Success of any email marketing plan depends on the click-through and also to some extent the conversions that are received. In this case the conversions can be sign-up for a seminar or confirmation of an appointment request or even request for a brochure.