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The First step is to find a reliable email list of Architects. As a business, trying to reach out to architects, your first task should be to find a reliable email list of architects. This is important, as a list that is verified and checked out for errors can ensure the success of your email marketing campaign beyond anything else. Bounce rate is a major factor which determines the success or failure of any email marketing program. Email lists when not properly checked for their authenticity can create quality issues. List owners try to push forward their lists very well knowing that their clients are going to have to deal with a massive bounce rate. That means most of the time when marketers use an unchecked list, find the majority of their marketing emails end up bouncing.


In today’s world, there is a growing incidence of social media marketing. Marketers are increasingly focusing on social media as the avenue to woo new customers. But nothing can beat a well planned email marketing drive. Choosing the right email list of architects can ensure that you have taken the first step correctly. The rest is though dependent on the timing of the message and the content.


Email marketing can ensure that your target audience is aware of the new products or services that you offer. It is the fastest and the single most effective sales.  Someone who knows how to convey a message and make it count can make email marketing work.. It is more powerful than social marketing in the sense that it is direct and often creates the right effect  in a short period of time. It allows you to reach out to your entire target audience simultaneously.