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Architects Database, Directory and Marketing List




A Database, Directory and Marketing List of Architects and Architecture Firms must help anyone who has anything to do with architects in whatever capacity. This is because architects are professionals who work from both their offices and also from the field where they meet their clients on building sites. An architect is the expert who designs the building according to the owner’s explanation. The architect puts down on paper, in a blueprint, all the details of the house. These details include the different rooms needed, their location and sizes, the shape of the roof, and all other details to the letter.


Once the architect has designed the house, the actual work of constructing the building is given to a construction firm to make the blueprint a reality. The construction firm then engages the services of other professionals to do the specific work in their areas of specialization until all the work is coordinated to completion. All these people who work below the architect would benefit from an Database, Directory and Marketing List of Architects and Architecture Firms because where the architect has a job to do, so do they stand a chance.


People who would need a marketing list of architects


a)     Experts in building construction

These are the people who engage manual and other professional labor to get the building done.


b)     Quantity surveyor

This is the expert who evaluates the amount of material needed to build the house as designed.


c)     Structural engineers

These engineers are needed to ensure the walls and other structures in the building are well erected. They are especially important for multi-storey buildings and buildings with complex designs.


d)     Soil engineers

The architect may need these engineers to test if the texture of the soil and the geology of the area allows for certain architectural structures.


e)     Landscape architects

These would be able to tell the building architect whether the area around the house will be as the owner envisages once the building has been erected.


Other parties involved in building and planning including municipal planners, road engineers, environmental design consultants and others.


Qualities of a good Databaseof architects


A good e-mail list of architects should have certain fundamental ingredients like:

  • Correct business names of the firm of architects
  • Membership, if any, in any professional body
  • Current e-mail address
  • Current postal address
  • Active telephone number
  • Correct physical address of their offices and/or branches
  • Any big client as reference, if any.
  • Types of buildings, in case of specialization


Another advantage in having such a comprehensive Directory is that it is possible to know other reliable service providers in the building sector just by seeing their working partners.


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