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How to stagger marketing messages to qualified Architect email addresses.  If you’re selling products and services to architects and have a steady flow of visitors to your website, you might be thinking how to increase the level of visitors. Your business website may have huge potential which you have somehow failed to realize. There are many different avenues to look for new businesses, new audience and new ways to have more visitors come to your website. But the one method that has been tried and tested for years is sending marketing messages to a qualified list of email addresses. There are many list owners looking to lend their lists of verified emails addresses to you for the right price. As a business owner they may all look the same to you. But wait! Until you have tested them it is difficult to make sure that the list is going to help.


Once you have a tested and verified list, the best way to send out emails is in small batches. Ensure that the email marketing company has been properly briefed for the same. Small batches can ensure a high degree of deliverability and low bounce rates due to email services blocking your messages. Again it is better to check and properly assess what day of the week and what time of the day is ideally suitable for sending out marketing messages. Is it best to send messages during the first few hours of the day? Or is it better suited to send out messages when your prospects are enjoying their weekend and have more time to read mails? Timing is very important when it comes to success when sending marketing messages to email addresses. Right timing can often open a window of opportunity for a business trying to reach out to new customers. On the other hand incorrect timing can actually ruin a marketing drive.