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Welcome to the Directory of Architects, your information gateway to over 48,000 online contacts at over 23,000 Architect Firms in the USA.

Do you supply to or network with Architects in the USA?  Are you looking to expand your client base, reach more customers and boost your profits?
If so, then you have reached exactly the right place!
We pride ourselves on being the #1 provider of email and mailing lists of Architects.
So you can be sure that our data will open the door to 1,000’s of  potential new business contacts, and explode your profit potential in the process.
So What Makes Our Directory The Best In The Industry?
Well to begin with, our painstakingly researched and regularly updated information includes details of 23,163 Architects and Architect Firms with  48,792 unique and up to date email address contacts as well as many CASS Certified street addresses.

Quite simply, no other email or marketing list of Architects comes anywhere close to providing this number of accurate and up to date email address contacts, and at such a low cost.

And if you don’t just want to take our word for it, here’s what Colin Morris at Email Marketing Tips had to say:-


*APC Ltd are the publishers of the Directory of Architects

So if you’d like to expand your client base, promote your goods or services and increase your profits, then take at look  at what is included in the Directory:–
Total Number of Records:  48,792
Architects/Architect Firms:  23,163*  ( more than one email address contact at each Firm is often provided )
Website Domain Names:  21,000*
E-mail Address Contacts:   48,792
Records with a CASS Certified Postal Address:   78%
Records without a Full Postal Address:   22%  (but all such records include email address details)
Telephone #: 98% of records


*Unique records

Questions? Visit the easy to search FAQ page in the above Navigation Bar where you will find answers to virtually all previous customer questions.
All email addresses were last checked during August 2019. See the Research Methods page for more details.

View 100’s of example records to understand exactly what type of information is supplied:-

Full email addresses are made available in the Directory but are not shown in this publicly available screenshot video. Not all records include a full postal address and/or a telephone number. No other types of information such as contact names are supplied apart from as shown above .


View many 1,000’s of more records showing the Business Name of just some of those Listed:-

Stop and Start the Video as required.

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PAYMENT AND DELIVERY INFORMATION: We offer payment via Paypal where you can pay securely with most major credit cards or via a Paypal account. The Directory is provided in .csv format* via a download link . See the Shopping Cart for further details.

* csv files will open in Excel and most other spreadsheet and database programs.


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Architect Constructions

Architects are responsible for every type of construction. It could be a ten storey apartment or a villa outside the city. It could be a shopping mall or a parking garage. In some ways, the profession world of an architect is similar to any other professional area of expertise. Like doctors, different architects specialize in different type of constructions. Some would have expertise in large scale buildings while others will know more about smaller structures. Many are members of  assocations such as Sara National ‎

Architect Specialization

Since there are three components of any construction – planning, designing and monitoring – even within a particular specialty, there will be different types of architects. Some architects only provide planning services while others focus on designing. Some only provide monitoring activates. It is possible to find architects, usually firms with many architects working for them, who do all of these. Such architect firms are preferred by those customer who want something of a one stop solution.

By gaining access to Architects Email Mailing Address List, it is easy to find architects for any construction related activity. Architects Database, Directory & Marketing List cuts down the time needed to locate the finest planners in the country. 

Architects play an important role in constructing and putting up properties because they the ones responsible in designing houses, buildings, establishments, and even landmarks in the society. Without them, the buildings around us, including schools, churches, and hospitals, may not be as attractive and functional as they are. In other words, architects make these buildings liveable to humans.

Their  job starts even before the construction of any building. They make a plan and design what a particular house or building would look like from the inside and out which will serve as the guide of the actual construction workers and carpenters as they build it. But their job doesn’t end there. They will work together with the construction company, supervise its workers, and give directions to ensure that the project is being done according to plan.  For a list of builders, contractors and construction firms click here

More than the appearance of a building, they intelligently plan even the smallest details, corners, and features of the particular establishment. For example, it is their task to design where people can exit from the building in case of emergencies, where the firewall should be facing, how wide are the corridors, and how thick the pillars should be. Although these details may be supplied from the owners of the house or building being put up, the specific measurements will be coming from the architects’ technical knowledge and expert view point.

The beauty and exquisiteness of many buildings, residential units, and establishments in the USA are through the help of their skilled architects.

For details of sending email to a purchase list follow that link.


Spread the word about the Directory of Architects.  Please cut and paste a TXT version of our home page below.

As a supplier of goods and/or services to architects and architect firms, are your searching new clients for your business. If so, the Directory of Architects is an affordable solution that can assist you to perk up sales.

This e-mailing list of Architects and Architecture firms is an information gateway for suppliers of goods and/or services to such firms. It is database and directory and marketing list providing available information that can help you grow your circle of clients and business contacts.  For just $245.00, you will be given access to a wide array of contacts and potential clients.

The Directory of Architects contains over 35,000 unique email addresses of potential clients for your business. You can use these e-mail addresses for your marketing efforts. These email addresses are kept up-to-date and  you can expect that all your emails will be received by your target firms. 

Apart from the email addresses, the Directory also contains other vital information. It contains the website urls of your potential clients, their phone contact numbers, and postal addresses. This means that apart from emailing them, you may also be able to market your business to these companies through cold calling or through traditional direct mailing.

Currently, the Directory has a listing of over 20, 000 website addresses, over 17, 000 telephone numbers, over 27, 000 postal addresses, and approximately 40,ooo unique e-mail numbers of architects and architect firms. In addition, a UK Directory is available by clicking here.

E-mail Marketing and Its Benefits – The Directory of Architects contains an extensive list of client addresses and contact numbers. However, the most important piece of information that you can gain from this is the listing of e-mail list addresses provided. The e-mail addresses that it contains can be used for your e-mailing  list marketing efforts which is an economical and faster means of marketing your business. 

The email contacts published in this Directory are always kept updated and accurate. They are constantly reviewed to ensure that all emails sent will be received by potential customers. All e-mails and other contact information found in the listing are guaranteed to be 100% deliverable. You will not be disappointed with high level of bounces, erroneous listings, and incorrect contact details. 

Our product is guaranteed to be 100% reliable. Information contained in our listings are painstakingly compiled by our researchers to ensure that all data included are not only accurate but up-to-date as well. We use a stringent web research method that encompasses those used by our competitors. For information on how research and collection of data are done, please feel free to visit our Research Methods page.

We  guarantee a proportionate refund if you experience any email bounces, subject to our terms and conditions.

To order the Email Directory of Architects, simply click on the Add to Cart button. Your extensive directory of potential customers will be downloaded within just minutes after you have made a payment. The directory will come in a .csv format through a download link, which will be sent to your email address. For more details, please see Shopping Cart.

The perfect solution if you are looking for an email list of US architects, an Architects List, a Architect Mailing List or for Architects Email Addresses.

business email lists

We also offer other Mailing Lists as follows:


Interior Designers List

Advertising your business (goods or services) to interior designers can be greatly simplified if you know how to go about the same. One of the methods you may want to consider using that will make more interior designers in the country to know about your products or services is buying an interior designers  list.

A  list of interior designers not only gives you access to basically an entire database of interior designers email addresses but also often comes at a cheap price.

So while you will be saving your business plenty of cash that would have otherwise been spent on  your products or services with no cinch of success, a  list provides you with meticulously selected and compiled email addresses of US interior designers hence increased certainty of success.

Due to the high email deliverability guarantee that an interior designers list ascertains of, it is possible to increase your customer base within no time and with less hassles. Actually it is rather easy to use emaillists because you only download the list on your pc and thereafter you can start sending emails to all the interior designers you think can form good business partners.

What’s more, with the large pool of email addresses provided, you can always select the interior designing companies you want to do business with thus target the most qualified leads through your emails.

Restaurant Database 

Do you have business to business activities related to your goods and services? Are they geared towards the food and restaurant industry?  Do you want to expand more your business and customer base? If so, you can be helped when you use the email marketing system.  The list you get from Database of Restaurants will effectively promote your goods and services.  It will result to bringing additional awareness about you and what you can offer.

Benefits of Database of Restaurants

1. Purchasing this database is the beginning of a better marketing strategy for your business. This is designed for speedy results on your sales and profits. The main goal of emailing list and database is to help you obtain your objective in your business.

2. Lists are gathered by employing a double-verification procedure.  Therefore, the contact details you’ll get are very reliable and recently updated.

3. If you’re trying to begin a worthwhile marketing strategy, using email list will take your company to the higher level.  Irrespective of the budget you have, an all-inclusive database will let you grow the business in an inexpensive way.

4. Having a special database is obtained from reliable provider. Lots of them are proud to supply the high-quality list only at most reasonable price.

5.  It draws fresh prospects and consumers. By ordering one marketing database, it will simplify and shorten your marketing procedure.

Get provided with the exceptional database of restaurants that will help you reach your company goal at a short-term period.


Travel Agencies Email Mailing List

Travel agencies marketing lists are becoming quite famous for marketing products and services all around the country. You might want to mull over purchasing a travel agencies marketing list especially if you supply goods or can provide a service that may be consequential to travel agencies.

A travel agency marketing list gives you a unique and effective mechanism of reaching new prospects through the use of email addresses. Emails today are one of the most reliable, fast and efficient channels of communication. As a result, as you send emails to potential clients, you can quickly and most certainly make your products known.

However email marketing is more often than not only rewarding if you have access to accurate email address data. This is why buying travel agencies email mailing list is of importance. Sites that offer travel agencies marketing lists go through a lot of trouble just to make sure that all the information on the lists (email addresses) are authentic, accurate and up to date.

What’s more, the email lists always have detailed information about every listed travel agency such as:

i.            Company Names

ii.            Full Physical Addresses

iii.            Fax Numbers

iv.            Website Addresses

Concisely, the  travel agencies email mailing list will present you with most if not all the details you may require to not only contact new customers but reach them at a personal platform thus enhancing your chances of turning all your leads into actual customers.

Directory of Beauty & Hair Salons

Desire is what we long for having in our possession for atonement of the wishes and its’ implications in our life varies from place to place such as sexual desire, desire for money etc. to name a few. Similarly Beauty & hair salons are synonymous with our desire for beauty. Who doesn’t wish to look and feel good while desiring for appreciation? This appreciation however doesn’t have to come essentially through verbal expressions; it can jolly well come through a mere wink or body posture from the people around you. Hence beauty & hair salons are on the rise all over the world even though quality of all such establishments cannot be sacrosanct.

In the quest for keeping up with the time as well as competition this Directory of beauty salons have become heavily dependent upon newer avenues of marketing so much so that they can effectively reach the inbox of their TG (Target Group). This has essentially given birth to email mailing & marketing list of beauty and hair salons that thrive on customer contacts and touch points.

Database of Hotels

UK is known for its hospitality and hotels can be the gateway to experience this hospitality.

As a preferred destination for travellers across the globe, the UK is dotted with hotels of different class, according to the need of the customer.

From plush luxury business to leisure hotels under big banners like Marriot, Hilton and Sheraton can be the starting point of your journey to incredible India. A taste of royalty with the City Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan and revisiting the colonial past can be one of a kind experience.

A database of hotels offer different services of which some include safari, visit to villages and many more adventurous outings that will give you the feel of the real India. Other services include fitness centre, pool and even spa.

A paradise for food connoisseur, Indian hotels can treat you to irresistible food that would leave your taste buds yearning for more.

Jewellery Database

It is the festive season and there are offers from every retailer. Database of Jewellers are also putting up their best offers. Jewellery, watches, diamonds and gemstones, birthstones, are all available at discounts. People looking for Christmas gift ideas have ample choices at most stores. Most Jewellery shops and Jewellers have a gift ideas menu on their web sites. Reputed brands are offering interest-free credit. Crystal earrings are available at certain Database of Jewellery shops and Jewellers at sharply reduced prices with ample choices stacked up. Pendants and bangles are also available on offers. Diamond rings have a special appeal during Christmas and one can get offers on them. Models made of white gold are trending with many at reduced prices. The most exquisite designs can be bought at Christmas for really amazing prices. The choiceof designs are a treat to check out. For a comprehensive perusal of the list of stores, an email mailing & marketing list of jewelry stores and jewellers would be very handy.

Opticians Email Addresses

A business like supplying stock and/or distributing them can be highly competitive. Often, email mailing & marketing list of opticians and eyeglasses suppliers isn’t sufficient to get a brand name or image through to potential clients. Opticians and eyeglasses suppliers have their work cut out for them as they aim to provide the latest and best products to distributors and businesses demanding them. In the ever growing consumer market, especially with the established trends online shopping has set, opticians and eyeglasses suppliers have a new kind of competition challenging them, namely signing up clients who are directly associated with online shopping portals. Although their version of brand marketing and promotion isn’t known to mainstream customers, business people behind the scenes have it on their priority list. Opticians email addresses have to bring their best presentation work and show proof of their claims in order to gain long term investment contracts from businesses, especially high end and well established ones.

Database of  Restaurants

Greek Restaurants are famous world over for their excellent cuisine, great ambience and lip smacking wine. Some of the famous and finest restaurants of the world that are renowned for their hospitality and grace are Greek restaurants. Musician Yanni also owns a Greek restaurant in Seattle, USA.

Other world famous Greek restaurants are Thalassa in New York City, London’s As Greek as It Gets and Berlin’s famous Berkis restaurant. The town of Mykonos has many beach front restaurants that are great for a family outings or playful dates. If you enjoy that perfect dining experience, do remember to compliment the restaurant owner, chef and staff for a job well done.

Some of the great tasting delicacies that you can expect to find in Greek restaurants are hummus, honey yogurt, mousaka and the absolutely mouth watering baklava for dessert. Greek restaurants, being speciality restaurants often list themselves in the Database of Restaurants so that they become known to more customers worldwide. Lot of travelers that visit exotic locations for either work or pleasure find these lists very useful as thy can get regular updates on the new speciality restaurants globally.

Database of Builders Merchants in the UK

Amongst the various advertising tools available for building an online community/readership base none can surpass your Database. Its effectiveness in driving traffic to your business is unequalled and undeniable as regards on line marketing. Feet dragging on this issue would amount to picking the crumbs that fall from the tables of your competitors.  A strong Database of builders merchants in the UK is a must have to effectively establish your presence in the mind of your prospective customers.

Why an Database?

For obvious reasons  such as the following:

  • A strong Database ensures that you have strong readership base for your business. This helps you stay in touch with your customers via the regular update you send to them.


  • It helps grow a strong base of loyal customers who trust and value your opinion thus providing an already market for product.


  • Building a strong Database inadvertently drives advertisers to your site as the knowledge of a ready made market for their products/services is a powerful tool.


  • You can effectively advertise /promote your business with out breaking a bank. This is because a wide range of prospective customers could be reached in a short time and an instant response equally received. Also a direct email sent to the right mail has over 75% chance of being opened and read. Most internet users are more pre dispose to check their email than their sites.
  • A strong email subscriber list is an indication that you have some thing your competitor doesn’t thus you are listened to when you speak. You end up being an authority with endless traffic to your site.

It is a well known fact that email is the medium for effective communication online. It keeps you abreast of what‘s important in your business and as such wields a lot of power over internet users. Hardly can a day go buy with out users checking and reading their mail. This is the reason you need to join the bandwagon. Days of passive online marketing are gone. You need to be proactive. You need to make things happen and not wait for it to happen. One way of doing this is building an Database of builders merchants in the UK. It helps to drive your message across/keep you constantly in the radar of prospective customers.

Database of Care Homes

Going gung ho on your care homes in effect talks about taking preventive care through the care homes before you fall sick. Because, prevention is always better than cure that is a timeless truth as well throughout the world. But all care homes do not charge the same; hence you need know beforehand which one fits your bill so much so that you need have to worry about making payment to them post availing the treatment there.

They say cut your coat according to your cloth that holds truth here too in view of your budgetary constraint with regard to your medical insurance policy and / or cash payout that you can effectively make. It is however onus to mention here that the mailing database of care homes do not have uniform pricing and therefore you may have to land up paying high. Take refuge to database of  care homes while choosing one for you based on your affordability constraint.

What is a Directory of Architects  

From great pyramids to the sky scrapers in big cities to the tiny boutique you see downtown, architects have been contributing to design and form the buildings that make up our surroundings for thousands of years. Architects found in the Directory are many professions formed into one; they are artists, designers, managers, problem solvers and planners all formed together. They are responsible for designing buildings and overseeing construction projects to ensure that the plans are carried out successfully. They are also responsible for the public safety of the buildings that they plan.

Architects in the Directory

Unlike many other professionals, architects in the Directory are fortunate enough to truly get to spend the day doing what they love, and making good money from it. If you get a video of an architect at work, most of the time it will be him or her sitting on a desk with their hands busy with their drawings and designs.

Their average day depends on what they specialize on as well. If they are handling major commercial projects, you will see them attending many meetings and doing presentations to make the others involved in the project truly understand their design. Each and every building that you have seen which has taken your breath always has once been in the mind of an architect, then had come to life on a piece of paper or as a computer drawing. It takes endless skill and patience to truly depict what you have in your mind as a design and get everyone to fully understand what you want to achieve.

To sum the Directory of  architects, there are 3 main things that they do!

  • Being creative

A part of this comes to them naturally, but architects go to design school for years and years and then sit for numerous competitive tests before they get the license for doing designs. Then they sit on their desk and be creative all throughout the day!

  • Drawing / Designing / Planning

Once they get a creative idea, they spend the rest of the day to put it into a 2D or 3D model with the use of paper or a computer until it shapes up to look the way they want.

  • Communicating

Once they have a tangible design to show, they spend the rest of the day communicating with a number of people related to construction on how to give life to their design. See the Directory of Architects for your next Mailing

















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